Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy McNeill

McNeill is in such a funny stage (I'm pretty sure I say this every time I update the blog). She is so independent. It makes me both laugh and cry. This morning we were walking her to the nursery and she walked back behind the counter, looked up at us, waved and said "bye." Then, she turned and walked to her classroom. Really? She isn't old enough to do that. She has never been one to cry when I drop her off anywhere but I think I'm going to start pinching her when I leave her places.

McNeill's bedtime ritual is pretty simple. We rock for usually about 2 songs and then she is reaching for the crib and prefers to fall asleep on her own. Lately she has been wanting to change things up a little. She walks to our bed and says "night night." We have tried to get her to lay down and sleep with us but she won't. She thinks it is party time and just plays. Well, last night she climbed up in her rocker and looked at me and said "rock." So, I tried to pick her up and she looked up at me and said, "No, me rock." What she was wanting me to do was for her to sit in the rocker and for me to stand up and push the rocker. Really??? I did it for a second to see if that was what she was trying to get me to do and once I caught on I stopped. We are going to have to remedy this. :)

Her new favorite thing is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is OBSESSED. She will look at us, say "mote" (for remote) then say "mouse." At the beginning of the show they ask something like "Do you want to go to the clubhouse?" She nods her head yes real big. Then she has an amazing hot dog dance that she does. We need to get her enrolled in dance classes ASAP.

McNeill has always been a big talker. She will say most words and some phrases. She knows her manners (bless you, excuse you, etc.), says love you and here you go. She knows all the names for the kids in her class. She talks about Anna Teal, Colt and Sadie the most. All this is great but she has recently started a new language. I am pretty sure she works at a nail salon part time. I think it's when she tries to make sentences but she says the exact same thing over and over and gets very frustrated if you can't figure out what she is saying. It's pretty funny. For movie, she says "mucu." Don't ask, who knows. For pillow, she says "be-bow."

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